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Malibu Real Estate Agents: 4 Signs Your Agent Stinks

When it comes to real estate agents in Malibu, you have plenty of choice. Even if you've already hired a realtor, you don't have to stick with them if they are doing a terrible job, or if they are failing to fulfill their duties at...

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4 Signs You are Ready to Invest in Malibu Real Estate

The decision to invest in Malibu Real Estate is not always a sudden one. Most people actually spend months - or perhaps years - thinking about what it would be like to be a property buyer who acts as the master of their own financial...

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Malibu Real Estate Can be a Great Investment

Buying high-end real estate in Malibu is a dream come true for a lot of people, but there are some risks to it, as well. Those risks are even more serious if you take bad advice from someone trying to "help" you as you make...

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Beginner’s Tips for Malibu Land for Sale

Jumping into Malibu land for sale as an investment or long-term financial strategy is already a big step, and people will be well-served by taking some time to understand how the real estate market actually works, the liabilities, the risks, and the rules as well....

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Malibu Homes for Sale: 6 Things to Expect

Malibu homes for sale are in high demand, and it’s no wonder; Malibu homes have some of the most stunning architecture and features of homes in the U.S. However, if you’re new to the area or to the real estate market in Malibu, you might...

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5 Reasons to Love Malibu Homes for Sale

Malibu is a community of approximately 16,000 residents nestled along a 27 mile stretch of mountains and coastline northwest of Los Angeles. You’ll find your share of surf shops and fishing gear, but Malibu is more than a beach town; it’s a lifestyle. The relaxed...

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Malibu Homes for Sale: Features to Look for

The scenic views and grandiose homes of Malibu can quickly mesmerize buyers and lead to them overlooking some critical details of purchasing a home. When touring Malibu homes for sale, it’s essential to factor in the cost of maintenance as well as the price of...

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Homes for Sale in Malibu, CA.: By the Numbers

Located along the Pacific Ocean in Los Angeles County, Malibu is home to a number of people in the entertainment industry, including some of the tops names in acting. Famed for its beaches that have miles of pristine sugar-white sand, Malibu is bisected by the...