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Russell is at the forefront of the next generation of Malibu Realtors who can be successful without sacrificing his core values of integrity, honesty, kindness and fairness.

He is a founding partner of the Compass Realty Malibu office, and is in the elite top 1% of sales associates nationwide.

Russell’s success is the simple result of his strong desire to excel and provide the best service to his clients. He has fun and stands out negotiating and navigating the most tricky and complex transactions.

Russell specializes in Malibu real estate in all forms. Whether it’s short-term Malibu leases, Malibu land for sale, or beachfront luxury Malibu homes, Russell’s integrity and professionalism are a cut above the rest.


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What Our Clients Have to Say:

  • I personally was introduced to Russell via a partner of mine who was investing in investment properties in the hills of Malibu.  I had an interest in the investment, so I was along for the ride that comes with purchasing any piece of real estate. There really is a huge difference when you hire a Realtor who knows the ins and outs of a location. Russell has lived in Malibu for most of his life and his understanding of the area and more importantly, where there are hidden opportunities for smart investments, is impressive. He brought us several pocket listings that we would never have known about if we were just searching on the MLS.  More importantly, he knew right away about some of the groundwater issues with a land listing that we brought to him and helped us avoid a potential headache. I have seen other agents wilt when it comes to the negotiation process.  He made an offer way below what I thought would get accepted and really hammered through an almost embarrassingly good deal for us.  When dealing with any agents, I would expect them to be professional and pick up the phone, but Russell sets himself above with his next level of skills that go far beyond what you would expect.
    James P.
  • I don't normally write about people or venues outside the food and hospitality industry but when it comes to people that make me look back at a time that can be so stressful you feel like people that can change that to make things happen so easily and with patience deserve recognition. Buying a home can exactly that yet I was fortunate enough to know Russell for quite a number of years before enlisting his help. He made the process to buy a house seem painless and well... easy. I lived in LA before moving out to NY then Singapore (and will be making trips back and forth to LA starting this year) and Russell was the one who made the entire process to become an LA homeowner seamless and stress-free. I've dealt with other brokers in both LA and NY who are complete nightmares and will throw you under the bus for whatever different reason whether they are chasing other clients or looking for other opportunities. Russell made it happen and guided me from beginning to end - from educating me on the process to dealing with other brokers to negotiations to getting me an amazing place. I highly recommend having a talk with Russell and you'll see what I mean. He's a great guy that looks after his clients.
    Shawn B.
  • Russell is as good as they come.  My husband and I were very picky about neighborhood, architecture, layout, lot orientation, etc.  We were also new to the area and didn't know much about neighborhoods. Russell tirelessly (and always enthusiastically) toured us through no less than 35 houses.  He always made an effort to be at the tours with us so he could gauge our reaction to the house and understand what we liked and what we didn't. However, where Russell REALLY shines is in his negotiation skills.  He has a natural ability to get people to open up to him, so he was able to understand what was important to sellers and  where they might be willing to give on economics or terms. He is also meticulous at all documentation, which is so important with such a large purchase. Russell is also extremely strategic about helping people buy houses - he was never pushy and wanted to make sure that we made an investment that would make us happy emotionally and financially.  
    Victoria G.
  • Russell helped us look for a home in Malibu. From the beginning to the very end, he was professional, approachable, and extremely knowledgeable. He listened to our every need, and found us the home we were looking for. I would highly recommend him to anyone and everyone.

    Feilani R.